High-performance Solutions

High-Performance Solutions

Add high-strength, cut- and abraison resistance to your application



In keeping with our history of innovation, James Dewhurst launched the new

High-Performance Solution rangeThese high-strength, cut-and abrasion resistant fabrics find their use in a number of applications. Below are some of the main projects we undertake that involve the use of high-performance textiles.

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High-performance textile roll
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James Dewhurst developed very high-strength cut- and abrasion-resistant fabrics, preventing rips, tears and holes, even during the most extreme marine conditions. These cutting-edge fabrics with endurance performance in harsh environments have the potential to revolutionize the way protection fabrics are currently being used.




James Dewhurst reviewed traditional lice prevention methods and developed cutting-edge materials to considerably reduce salmon mortality rates. The benefits of our new E700 & E1000 fabrics include:


  • Very high-strength cut- and abrasion-resistant properties, preventing rips, tears and holes, even during the most extreme marine conditions.
  • Lower gsm for easy installation and lifting. One of our 450 gsm fabrics gives 3 times the strength of a 1200 gsm PVC fabric, making offshore installation simpler and more cost effective.
  • Lowest growth levels of any HMPE, preventing contamination and the need for regular maintenance.
  • Four times less growth versus the current industry standards.
Seismic vessel


Extreme operating conditions require reliable protective solutions. At James Dewhurst, we specialize in developing bespoke textiles for all environments, whether that be offshore or 30,000 feet in the sky.


  • Using our E700, E1000 & D700 fabrics, we have developed high-tack adhesive fabrics for use as abrasion- and cut-resistant tape for the seismic industry, sail boat deck protection, cargo container repair solutions and rope protection wraps.
  • Our adhesive range gives our customers flexibility on installation with maximum protection.
  • Our materials surpass current industry standards in terms of service life and durability.
sioen truck


James Dewhurst developed a range of light-weight high-strength cut- and abrasion-resistant fabrics for the security and protection industry. The E700 fabric is so versatile that it can be used in various applications. Its cut-resistant properties make it perfect for:


  • Anti-vandal and anti-theft curtains
  • Shipping containers
  • Currency transit bags
  • Cable wrappings for security systems
  • Vermin-proof barriers for industrial and food storage