Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a key aspect of products manufactured by James Dewhurst. There are two processes employed to ensure our customers receive the correct product at the quality required. The first is at point of manufacture where textile quality is checked by production operators to ensure that the product is manufactured using the most suitable materials in a controlled process that is appropriately monitored. Following production, each product is independently assessed offline by our team of quality professionals to confirm that the products that have been manufactured conform to customer specifications and will meet the needs of each customer.


At James Dewhurst our aim is to produce a consistent product in line with our customer requirements. We have a comprehensive range of base products we can modify and re-design to suit our customer’s exact specifications.


Within our manufacturing base, we operate very stringent and detailed checking processes to ensure the products we manufacture adhere to our customers’ requirements. In process checks are well defined and effective in helping us produce a consistent and compliant product.
We have a dedicated Inspection area where we can investigate and identify improvements to our products on an ongoing basis and also assure the textile quality we deliver to our customers.


We have a fully equipped Physical Testing laboratory, where we have the facility to not only help us develop our position as industry leaders, but to assure the textile quality we deliver to our customers.


These testing facilities include both, testing of the finished product, but also the testing of our yarns. Again, this can be utilised during both product development and/or during normal production. A basic list of testing facilities is shown below.

Basic Testing Facilities

Roll weight and weight profile
Thickness check
Ends and pick count
Tensile + elongation (warp and weft)
Yarn shrinkage (single yarn)
Yarn shrinkage at Temperature

Yarn twist
Bonding checks
Yarn tensile + elongation
Decitex test
Colour testing
Visual condition of samples

In line with our customer requirements we have the capability to produce evidence of testing results and offer various methods of recording and reporting these results. Frequency of testing is agreed between James Dewhurst and our customer at an early stage of development, and records can be retained or sent with deliveries.

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Reinforcement Solution

At James Dewhurst, we take pride in our dedicated technical experience with woven, laid, and laminated textiles. It’s our job to work closely with our customers on a variety of new projects not only as suppliers, but as developers. This involves getting to know you and your project needs inside and out, so that we can dedicate ourselves to creating the ideal solution for you.


Do you have an idea or project in mind that James Dewhurst can bring to fruition? If so, we want to be your partner. Please contact a member of our team to find out more information.