Building / Construction

Reinforcement scrims are widely used in building and construction to reinforce the fabric of our homes. Roofing, flooring, plasterboard, floor tiles, carpets and housewrap are all examples of products incorporating construction textiles.


Scrims are used widely to reinforce the roofing membrane used to ensure our homes stay dry. This reinforcement can also take the form of a scrim and tissue laminate. James Dewhurst supply woven and laid scrims and scrim laminates for all roofing applications. Our attention to detail, high quality and fast turnaround make James Dewhurst a key supplier in this industry sector.


All flooring requires a support to ensure that the pile remains in the carpet and that the flooring retains its dimensional stability throughout the process and in use. James Dewhurst have a long history of supplying woven and laid products for flooring applications along with functional scrim for some markets, such as electrically conductive scrims. Whatever your flooring need, James Dewhurst have a product to support your product and with capability up to 5.2m wide, we can supply products that fit seamlessly with your production line.


Modern buildings need to be thermally efficient, so James Dewhurst have a range of scrims specifically for reinforcing aluminium foils laminated to insulating layers, such as glass wool. These scrims are designed to give the tear resistance you need without increasing the weight of your product.

GRP Pipe Manufacture

Scrims are an important aspect of reinforcing plastic pipework. Our scrims have been designed to ensure that there is no water contamination when used for fresh water supply piping. In addition, the scrims have been engineered to support the manufacturing process, minimising waste whilst giving a product in a format that is easy to handle
and apply.


Strength-to-weight ratio is critically important in HVAC applications. Our scrims are widely used to reinforce flexible ducting solutions, enhancing durability and tear-resistance while maintaining ease-of-installation and reducing bulk. Compatible with a variety of end-uses, including water- and pressure-resistance and ensuring proper air flow, our scrims provide needed reinforcement without adding significant additional weight. Duct manufacturers rely on James Dewhurst’s innovation and expertise to develop unique formulations based on their specific needs.

Challenge Us To Find Your
Reinforcement Solution

At James Dewhurst, we take pride in our dedicated technical experience with woven, laid, and laminated textiles. It’s our job to work closely with our customers on a variety of new projects not only as suppliers, but as developers. This involves getting to know you and your project needs inside and out, so that we can dedicate ourselves to creating the ideal solution for you.


Do you have an idea or project in mind that James Dewhurst can bring to fruition? If so, we want to be your partner. Please contact a member of our team to find out more information.